Quick Sock Bun Braid

     I love the sock bun hair style. SOCK BUN LOVERS UNITE! Being a momma you wanna look cute and quick like lightening.  Since I do this hairstyle often I wanted to change it up a bit but keep up with getting ready wicked fast. So I found this tutorial that adds to the cuteness of your sock bun! Its uber simple. I did change my hair style by not adding a headband. Eek! I know a headband designer and I left one out of my hairstyle! Don't call the headband police I beg you... If you choose to add a headband why not match your cute little lady. You know mommy and me style, find a awesome headband to match here!

Here is the video on this braided sock bun hairstyle.




 P.S. Thanks Melissa from Missy Sue! I look stellar now.