Nautical Dress Tutorial

by Tara Neil July 28, 2015

     So I'm a Pinterest fined. I found this post from  It's for the sweetest little dress. The creator Amy called her dress the Sweet as a berry dress. Well I was inspired to make my own. This Big Oak tree's dress Is for a 12-18month old. Charlotte is 19 months old so I added some extra inches to most of my fabric pieces. I'll be honest i'm still in a beginner stage with sewing clothes. However my smaller baby items I'm stellar at like my bibdanas. My dress came out amazing and I've had so many compliments. Well Charlotte has really. The more I sew clothes the better I get. So if your new to this please give this little number a try. Dont Give up if you make a mistake because I made some. I just went back and did it again. Trust me this dress is so cute its worth the time.

This is my version of their cute dress. I added the lace at the bottom in place of the trim the tutorial suggests (side note the lace was my grandmas). I also got awesome and added trim on the sleeves to give Charlotte's dress some jazzy flare. I can say The red picnic fabric came from Joann Fabrics (you'll find that here) and the Anchor fabric came from Walmart (find this fabric here). My buttons are vintage from my Great Grandmas collection. Oh and I made a mistake and didn't read every thing well before I started the dress( insert embarrassed face here-->) Anywho, I had to add some front and back pleats so the neck whole wouldn't be to wide. Learn from me lol and READ! Ha! Suddenly I just thought of Adam Sandler and the movie Big Daddy, Fish! Pony! Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop anonymous? 

A headband that would look awesome sauce with this dress is found here. I hope you enjoyed this wicked awesome tutorial as much as I did!




Tara Neil
Tara Neil


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